Percentage As You Earn (%AYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

Meet our Team
Brock d'Avignon - Chair of the Board of Directors, Percentage As You Earn Financiers & Finansurers; Presider, %AYE Finance and Finansurance Consultants 

           Brock d'Avignon found a mention of Percentage As You Earn in 1972 in Milton Friedman's book, "Capitalism and Freedom."  
      Moved to action by the one paragraph, d'Avignon spent years fleshing out the idea and researching similar approaches to finance from 375 years of America's history. He has achieved twenty-eight modern uses, including medical and health finansurance, individual micro-finance, and Human Investments in flexible college debt, mortgage installment conversion to income-contingent finance ending skip tracing and repossession, particularly in farms and farm tools and resetting vehicle finance. 
          In terms of public policy, while offering equal access to capitalism, the de-nationalization of: 92%   of mortgages, 95% of collegiate tuition-debt, 65% of medicine, and 40% of vehicle finance. He is most proud of achieving the means for Separation of Medicine and State while including All people.  

Biography and Mission

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - President, PAYE, Acting Chief Operating Officer 

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Howard Hinman - Contracts Administrator 

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