Percentage As You Earn (%AYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

What Economists and Financial Experts say about %AYE

 Jack Kemp
In 1989 - 1992 Kemp, then Secretary of US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, used PAYE for financing his sell-off of low-income government housing to people with erratic incomes.   As Chair of Habitat for Humanity and his "More than Houses" Campaign, Kemp raised $596-Million in donated capital, to allow Americans to purchase homes with income- contingent finance, using Brock d'Avigonon's  research. 

William E. Simon, Senior 
To Brock d'Avignon: “This is the best thing I have ever heard of since God, Mother and Apple Pie!” said, Fmr Secretary of the US Treasury, then an actuary for Booz Allen & Hamilton, Management Consultants for 12 medical providers, upon receiving d'Avignon's  CompreHealth Care Corporation's prospectus using %AYE Medical Finansurance to provide medical care for all via the free market.

Arthur Laffer, Economist, Chair, of Ronald Reagan’s Board of Advisers.
                                                                Quote: “I like your Altitude!”  This was Laffer's comment when %AYE was explained to him by d'Avignon that not only would his Laffer Curve grin again, but the demand side could be met for all with human investments replacing government. 

Vernon Jordon, President of the Urban League, later the United Negro College Fund

Endorsed PAYE at Yale and
Duke University in 1970 “This allows women and minorities a way for self-responsibility, because Mom and Pop do not have the money.”

Milton Friedman, Economist 
"You write the book, Brock." Dr. Friedman had just received the Life-time achievement award for pioneering Percentage As You Earn (%AYE) finance of human investments (HI) at the 1990 World Libertarian Convention of the International S ociety for Individual Liberty.

William H. Donaldson
Chairman of the NY Stock Exchange, volunteered to be the courier for the %AYE Medical Finansurance based CompreHealth Care Corp. Prospectus to the Clinton Economic Summit, presenting this to Vernon Jordon and Bill & Hillary Clinton in 1992.  Hillary rejected in January of 1993, with Carol Rasco, the use of this affordable comprehensive universal free-market alternative, in her attempt to be a single-payer Fuhrer.

Mel Miller 1980s Dean of the Oil Trading Ring, New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) observed on all the boards that the longest commodity futures contract was 120- days for soy beans.
         Miller stated to d'Avignon, "Long-term multi-year %AYE contracts in Human Investments (HI) should be traded on their own exchange and create new types of credit rating bureaus."  Interested? Raise your hands.