Percentage As You Earn   (%PAYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

Dedication to Academic Freedom & Case Study 1: Duke University pioneers in 1970 a Left-Right Coalition for PAYE Tuition Postponement Option (TPO) to enroll minorities, women, & and low-income individuals into the Ivy League 

The TPO program enabled 2,600 students to graduate from their colleges; despite the fact many were experiencing financial problems which would have made this impossible otherwise.  Their gratitude for a flexible PAYEment system was reflected in their PAYEing a higher than honest percentage to their alumni capital source.  They were able to become entrepreneurs instead of employees tied to Rigid Installment Payments (RIP) loans.  With students as more powerful consumers, it was perceived that if it was wide-spread both academic freedom of inquiry and demand for quality tools and programs would occur.  Within 15 years, the separation of higher education and state or religion, would occur without needs analysis, but merit and achievement in the future would hold sway with equal access.   

Dedication & Case Study 1 - Duke University

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