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The %AYE form of financing is not new.  It was the use of earlier forms of %AYE which allowed people to convert hard work and risk into a sustainable prosperity.  This was the form of finance which replaced indentured servitude and wiped out slavery in the North, paid 792 Privateers to capture 3,100 British vessels, winning the American Revolution and later a war for free trade and sailors rights, crossed the mountains with mountain men in risky ventures, allowed old country doctors to provide medical care for all, and placed minorities and women in the Ivy League in the 20th Century.  We have a lot of work still to do in the 2st Century.  Sign up to be on the list as we began funding loans and converting existing loans.  

We are working every day to let everyone have the assurance they are secure through times of instability.  Sign up, follow us on Facebook and through other social media, read about the amazing things people have accomplished with the simple assurance someone has their back.  Then,  weigh in.