Percentage As You Earn   (%PAYE)

Finance and Finansurance of Human Investments (HI)

Howard Hinman - Contracts AdministratParalegal specializing in half of the 26 types of trusts including gold daily value checking drafts.
Paralegal research unraveling MERS Robo-signing mortgage disputes; complex medical insurance, spin-offs, and start-ups for 8 years with the prestigious Konowiecki & Rank Law firm in Los Angeles.
Events organizer and Master of Ceremonies for famous convention series: The Future of Freedom Conferences; Freeland International Convention; and is a Distinguished Toastmaster.
Executive Director of advanced technology initiatives like the New Island Creation Consortium  EMAIL

Chris Boehr - Chief of Technology - Chris provides oversight to our build out allowing technology to lower the cost of routine transactions, such as provided with financing and finansurance.  

Chris has a widely varied career in high tech which gives him the understanding to assist with our transition for all applications.  

Arthur Foster - Office Manager EMAIL