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       Percentage As You Earn (%PAYE) is a simple tool, adopted by Merchant Adventurers (read these investors) in the UK to solve the problem posed by political and religious dissidents.  Read HISTORY  on this site.  %PAYE originated in the Crown Colony of Virginia and soon afterward became a standard as loan terms in the New England Colonies.  This difference in the economic ways of the North and South would have an enormous impact on other parts of the lives of those building a new world on the North American continent.  
       The impact of %PAYE included the end of slavery and indentured servitude in the northern crown colonies before the beginning of the American Revolution in 1775. 
        As a previously overlooked element for social change and freedom on human choice and ideas will be accounted for in our Century Sagas.  We are designing these to follow the changes in how people viewed their world through succeeding generations.  Following the history of people making their way through life, deepens our understanding of ourselves.  Exchanges, where evidence exists, will be prominently reported along with the transition to the Rigid Installment Payments (RIP), introduced by the House of Lords in 1835 at the suggestion of the Bank of Hoare and Rothschild.  

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